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Fashion and make-up are always at the top of my list.
Serge Lutens

Louise L. Hay....................................
My favorite female celebrity/author/teacher.

My Favorite Monsters

Moira Shearer

Some favorites from Flickr and elsewhere...........



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adam and the ants, andrew zimmern, anthony bourdain, art nouveau, aubrey beardsley, ballerinas, bela lugosi, big eyes, big platform shoes, bonsai trees, boris karloff, bride of frankenstein, camille rose garcia, cats, catwoman, cheese, cheongsam, cherry blossom trees, chocolate covered berries, christopher walken, cinema strange, cinnamon, cleopatra, cocteau twins, coins, costumes, danny elfman, dark circles under eyes, deathrock, degas, disco bloodbath, dolls, dracula, drag queens, dreams, entrepreneur, ernest holmes, erte, ethel ennis, europe, exotic feathers, exotic jewelry, faeries, faux fur, felines, fluffy things, frankenstein, frida kahlo, gary oldman, geisha, geisha porcelain dolls, ghosts, gothic, green pistachio ice-cream, hail, halloween of course, haunted houses, heatherette/richie rich, herman munster, howard hughes, humanitarianism, hypnotic poison, impressionists, isabella rosellini, james st. james, japan, jean paul gaultier, john cusack, john galliano, john w. waterhouse, kimonos, kittens, krish in mel's shoes, labyrinth, languages, legend, licorice, lightning, lions, little tokyo, liz taylor, long eyelashes, louise l. hay, mad monster party, make-up, masquerade parties, melody, melody's ........., mental illnesses, metaphysical, mia farrow, michael alig/macaulay culkin, michael myers, midnight offerings, missing persons, mommie dearest, nightmares, nina hagen, obsessive compulsive hand washing, ocd, ocean, oriental brocade fabric, pablo picasso, paris france, parisi & nadalini, party monster, pathological hoarding, pee wee herman, people who copee me, pinocchio, porcelain dolls, pouty mouths, rain, red eyeshadow, red lipstick, rosemary's baby, rubies, scratches in the night, secret egyptian codes, sex gang children, sid and nancy, siouxsie and the banshees, sleepy hollow, snow, snow white, soft cell, specimen, spirits, spooky horror movies, storms, style-elsa klench, swarovski, the fabulous stains, the initiation of sarah, the red shoes, the science of mind, theda bara, thick eyebrows/red lipstick, thierry mugler, thunder, toulouse lautrec, travel, trees, tumbleweeds, virgin prunes, visage, who looks at this, wicked queen's poisoned apple, woods, www.glitterina.com