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03 nov 2008 @ 20:53
Grandma Happy has had Lladros all over her house since I was a little baby. I always thought they were beautiful, so I want some now. Hayon has some in my taste.

03 nov 2008 @ 00:05
This halloween time was "no mommy I'm scared"(reminds me of The Omen), when driving near the church, queesh! in a dark late night room(no cat), monster over there, a lot of yelling and none of this is funny.
Remember these ideas next year:

Origami Bats

Mel made one of these this year.

Always in the mood for Halloween...................... 30 oct 2008 @ 20:50
I just wish it wasn't so fucking hot. I need to get over it already. I must look for my Addams Halloween video to watch tonight.

The Munsters

29 oct 2008 @ 20:19
A list of some memorable celebrities I've seen

Here's my list:
1. Daniel Ash (Love and Rockets-at a Portishead concert/autographed a tiny paper I had in my wallet) 2. Laurence Tolhurst (The Cure-at a Sioux Concert/autographed a paper)
3. Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson-At a Switchblade Symphony show/dickhead) 4. Tina Root (Switchblade Symphoney/I took pics of her and with her)on a sidewalk somewhere in Hollywood 5. Mike (The Monkees-saw him at Galleria)6. Ricky Shroeder (saw him at UCLA) 7. David Hasselhoth (Knightride-across the street from my highschool/I was in cosmotology class) 8. Tim Burton-signing at Virgin records 9. Siouxsie and the Banshees-Tower Records
10. Diane Lane (walking down Melrose/when Melrose was cool).

Today it was 86 degrees 29 oct 2008 @ 19:39
Never in my life has it been this hot during Halloweentime. It's supposed to be dark, gloomy and cold-really cold. The only thing I can do is get used to it.

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On October 12, 2008 we drove to Pasadena to see the original house that Halloween was filmed in. That was a very special time for me, so I took some pictures. E drove around and showed us the Strode's house as well.



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This one has always been a favorite.
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