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11 jan 2009 @ 21:06

I'm still obsessed with PeeWee in 2009 and love David 04 jan 2009 @ 21:57

It's freezing outside! I LOVE IT. I'M HAPPY........... 23 déc 2008 @ 03:10

This journal has waaaaaaaaaaay to much info on it to close it. It actually has turned out to be a good reference for me.

12 déc 2008 @ 01:33

Club Kids 16 nov 2008 @ 17:14
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Chelsea Clinton and ballet? Don't ruin it for me, please.

I woke up nauseous and my throat was sore. It was all psychological because D told me M wasn't feeling well and we shared soup. I did the visualization and it went away immediately.....but, then came back.....but, I fell asleep so it must have worked.

I can never get enough of Halloween. As soon as it gets near, we get so sad to see it leave for yet another year.

I feel better today.

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